WDG Presents: The Feedback
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WDG Presents: The Feedback is a digital industry podcast featuring expert voices from WDG, a DC-area digital strategy, design, and development agency. The podcast will feature topics ranging from sneak peeks into agency life to the latest trends in supporting your digital presence in the modern world. The Feedback is here to provide enterprise-level commentary with wit, insight, and storytelling. Because we aren't an hour-long, unedited podcast; we are a group of industry thought leaders from backgrounds and experiences around the world. Join us and learn something.

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    Project Management Saves the Day

    When you've got a project to finish on time and in scope, who you gonna call? Project managers, of course. Check out this interview with Arista, one of our project managers at WDG, and her perspective on how she brings a project all the way from the ideals to the real solutions users can interact with every day.

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    How Sales is Like Matchmaking

    The inaugural first full episode of The Feedback covers the first consideration of a digital agency's relationship with a client; the sales process. Ab, Vajaah, and Dario walk you through some of our favorite client stories and how sales, strategy, and design work together to move from "love at first sight" to "going steady" in our client relationships.

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    WDG Presents: The Feedback Promo

    An introduction into the story of the inception of a new digital agency podcast. Listen in on how one coworker's fiction podcast became the inspiration for a narrative-driven podcast about agency life in digital design, strategy, and development.